Tips to Plan a Great Fishing Trip

Planning a fishing trip in Bonita Springs, FL? Before you secure your boat rental, pack up your rod, reel, bait, hook and head, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need. Here are some tips on how to plan a great fishing trip.

Make Sure You Have Your License and Registration

Getting your hands on a fishing license used to be a hassle. You had to ask around town to find out which shops sold them, and then wait for that shop to open.

Now, you can get your license with a simple click of a mouse button. Before you head out on your trip, be sure to visit the state’s website where you’ll be fishing, and buy a license.

Remember — to fish legally, you may need a license.

Get Your Gear in Order

Keep your gear organized in a smart way. Critical items, like your first-aid kit, pliers, scissors and hooks should all be within easy reach. Food and drink should also be easy to grab. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, too (even if it’s cloudy).

When packing your licenses or permits, be sure to keep them in a Ziploc bag, or some type of waterproof container. These should also be easily accessible.

Don’t forget to bring some extra rods, tackle, line and reels.

Plan for Bad Weather

Weather is unpredictable. Even if the forecast calls for a sunny day, rain is always a possibility. And the air is much cooler when you’re out on the water than it is on land. With nothing around you to buffer the wind, it can get cold pretty quickly. Pack a sweater or jacket and rain gear just in case you hit bad weather.

Bring Food

Don’t plan on eating your catch for lunch or dinner. When you go out fishing, there’s no guarantee that you’ll catch much.

If you don’t want to sit down and eat a normal meal, at least pack granola bars or beef jerky to keep you energy levels up during the trip.

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