Southwest Florida Birds

There’s more to a day out on the water on a pontoon boat from Bonita Boat Rentals than just lounging in the Florida sunshine while you whiz by lush mangroves, pausing only to gaze at dolphins playing or manatees feeding before continuing your journey on the open blue-green water ahead of you. Of course there are all of the things aforementioned along with a generous population of exotic as well as game fish to pique your interest, but there is also one attribute to the Estero Bay area which frequently goes unnoticed.

Great Blue Heron

The extensive array of birds found in Southwest Florida is consistently overlooked by tourists and residents alike. Too often boaters speed by the nest of an osprey where this intriguing bird of prey can be seen chowing down on a fish clenched in its talons or feeding it to its young. When you rent from Bonita Boat Rentals you don’t have to go far to find some native birds- we have a few regulars who spend their days on our docks hoping for employees to throw them a shrimp or two when handling the bait. One regular is a Great Blue Heron we’ve named “Hank” and another is a bird of the same species named “Henrietta” who is Hank’s mate. There is also “Snowy” the outgoing, but tiny, Snowy Egret, along with “Little Blue” the aptly names Little Blue Heron. Dozens of the common Brown Pelican and seagulls in addition to the beautifully colored Rosette Spoonbills can be easily found throughout Esero Bay. White-colored Great Egrets are also popular and so are different colored Ibises. Anhingas are always seen diving in the water and the Red-Bellied Woodpecker can be seen pecking away at any given tree. Perhaps the most rewarding bird to catch in flight is the ultimate symbol of patriotism found in nature, the elegant and robust American Bald Eagle who also calls Estero Bay home.

So be sure not to overlook the birds flying high above you while you enjoy your day out on the water on a pontoon boat from Bonita Boat Rentals, or you could be missing out on a satisfying supplement to your experience.