The Best Time to Visit Bonita Springs

Florida is the perfect destination for good food, entertainment, and days of relaxing in the sun. With over 1,200 miles of coastline, you’ll be surrounded by beaches no matter where you go. The center of the state has major attractions from Disney World to SeaWorld, while southern Florida is the tropical island getaway that tourists flock to from around the world.

The best time to travel to Bonita Springs depends on the time of year.

Located in southwest Florida, you’ll avoid the cold that northern Florida experiences during the winter months. While the northern region doesn’t experience heaps of snow like the Northeast, it does snow in northern Florida on occasion. Bonita Springs has ideal temperatures with 0 average snowfall.

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According to weather statistics, the average temperatures are as follows:

  • January: Lows of 53 and highs of 75 degrees
  • February: Lows of 54 and highs of 76 degrees
  • March: Lows of 58 and highs of 79 degrees
  • April: Lows of 62 and highs of 83 degrees
  • May: Lows of 67 and highs of 87 degrees
  • June: Lows of 72 and highs of 90 degrees
  • July: Lows of 73 and highs of 91 degrees
  • August: Lows of 73 and highs of 91 degrees
  • September: Lows of 73 and highs of 90 degrees
  • October: Lows of 68 and highs of 87 degrees
  • November: Lows of 62 and highs of 82 degrees
  • December: Lows of 56 and highs of 77 degrees

If you want fun in the sun, the months of May-September provide the best average temperatures, with April and September having slightly milder temperatures. Tourists visit Bonita Springs all year long to enjoy the beautiful sunsets and the sandy beaches. You’ll find that Bonita Springs is less crowded than the Keys or Miami — even on a Saturday afternoon.

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