The Best Fishing Spots on Estero Bay

Where are the best places to fish in Estero Bay? Certain spots in the Florida waters are widely known for providing beginning to advanced anglers with exceptional fishing trips. One such location is Estero Bay, which is the first aquatic preserve established in the State of Florida in 1966 as a way to protect the marine life teeming in the sparkling waters. If you are in search of the best places to fish in Estero Bay, the Bonita Boat Rentals team knows exactly where to go if you are looking for a great catch on your voyage.

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The Fishing Spots of Estero Bay

Estero Bay is home to many species of fish. However, you will need to know what is lurking in the various types of fishing spots of Estero Bay to plan ahead for the type of rig and bait that will lure in the kind of fish you are targeting for your day of sport.

  • Seagrass Beds: Snook, Red Drum, Sea Trout
  • Tidal Flats: Sea Trout, Red Drum, Bonnethead Shark, Black Tip Shark
  • Nearshore Reef: Pompano, Permit, Flounder, Ladyfish, Redfish, Spanish Mackerel, Shark, Sea Trout, Jack, Grunt
  • Mangrove Islands: Snook, Red Drum, Sea Trout, Sheepshead, Goliath Grouper, Mangrove Snapper, Lemon Shark, Black Tip Shark, Bull Shark
  • Oyster Beds: Red Drum, Sheepshead, Mangrove Snapper
  • Bay Channel: Red Drum, Jack, Tarpon, Barracuda

Fed by 10 rivers, Estero Bay is the perfect place to plan your next fishing trip and Bonita Boat Rentals can supply a safe, dependable vessel for yo and your guests for any number of hours you specify, so you can spend quality time casting and focusing on reeling in the big ones.

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Based on season, tide, depth of water, strength of current, water temperature and what we have been catching, we will advise you on where to take the boat and the type of lure and bait you will need to catch the fish you seek. Additionally, we will assist you with any fishing permits, rod rentals and bait you may need. At Bonita Boat Rentals, we are your one-stop shop for Estero Bay. Contact Bonita Boat Rentals today by calling (239) 992-2137 to discover how easy it is to reserve a boat and plan your fishing trip, which is sure to be legendary!