The Advantages of Summertime in Florida

Calling all Florida residents- the Sunshine State may be famous for its lovely, mild winters, but the advantages of spending the summer in Florida must not go unnoticed! All Floridians will agree that one of the biggest benefits of the summertime is the lack of “snowbird” traffic. Roads, restaurants and beaches alike are all free from crowds, leaving you able to enjoy all that southwest Florida has to office in peace and at your own pace. As if the liberation from the masses of snowbirds wasn’t enough, summer is prime season for fishing and recreational boating in Estero Bay!

So round up your family, friends and coworkers, as well as anyone else who enjoys a great time, and rent a boat from Bonita Boat Rentals this summer! We offer rod rentals with tackle boxes and sell live shrimp for bait so you can catch a redfish, snook, mangrove snapper or one of the countless other kinds of fish that call Estero Bay home. If the idea of fishing doesn’t pique your interest, you can take a break from sunbathing and beat the heat by anchoring and taking a dip in the water, or pulling the boat up to one of many secluded island beaches in the bay. Enjoy a warm, yet refreshing, water temperature and witness energetic dolphins playing in pods or gentle manatees feeding on a bed of seagrass. The opportunities for summertime fun in Florida are endless, so call Bonita Boat Rentals to reserve a boat today!