Is it Better to Buy or Rent a Boat? | Estero Bay

Want to enjoy a beautiful day on Estero Bay in Bonita Springs, FL on your own boat? Before you take the plunge and decide to buy your own sea maiden, it’s a good idea to know what advantages renting a boat and buying a boat have to offer.

Boats are expensive, and this is a very big decision

Buying a Boat: A Financial Hardship

It is romantic to think about jumping in your own boat and heading out into open waters. It is an itch that people have been trying to fulfill for thousands of years, but boats are not exactly cheap.

Small boats can cost $15,000 – $40,000 used.

If you’re looking for a bigger boat, you can spend $100,000+ on a boat — and I’m not talking about a yacht.

This is a hefty price to pay for anything. If you have never had your own boat before, you won’t realize how much time and money it takes to maintain your vessel.

It’s very difficult to make up your mind and really know what you want, or need for that fact. If for some reason you decide to move away from popular boating areas, you’ll also need to determine what you’ll do with your boat.

Storage is also a concern. Will you pay to keep your boat docked, or will you haul it home after every use?

Renting is Easy

Before anyone buys a boat, I recommend finding boat rentals in North Naples, FL. Why? Not only is this close to Bonita Springs, you’ll be able to:

  • Choose from different size pontoon boats
  • Spend the day on the water
  • Test out our boats to see which one you like

Oftentimes, it’s that initial buyer’s itch to get something they don’t have. In this case a boat.

When you rent a boat, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, or how you’ll keep your boat docked or even registered. Instead, all of this is handled by the rental company. You also don’t need to make a major purchasing decision that may put you in debt.

Renting provides you with the freedom of renting a large boat for when the family comes over owning a speed boat for a 2 or 3 person trip to go fishing.

Financially, it’s better to rent a boat than to buy one. If you find that your have enough time to justify a boat purchase and the finances to maintain, purchase and dock your boat, then purchasing might be a smart decision.

Estero Bay Boat Rental

Our Estero Bay boat rental is located in Bonita Springs and very close to North Naples, FL. With an accessible location, boat rental with Bonita Boat Rentals is easy. Call today at (239) 992-2137.