Discover Relaxing Waters… Leave the Busy Beaches Behind!

The crowded public beaches of Naples offer noisy children and a sea of umbrellas, but if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of a beach day then escape to the relaxing waters that surround the comforting community. Pontoon boats are a quiet and peaceful way to navigate through the scenic and calming waters where fishing and sunbathing on beaches are always an option — Bonita Boat Rentals is the perfect destination for such a journey.

This family-owned and operated business contains a knowledgeable staff that has lived in the area for decades and would love to help you enjoy a beautiful day on the water. Instead of slowly boating along the channel for 30 minutes before reaching the bay, Bonita Boat Rentals has easy access to Estero Bay, dramatically reducing the idle period.

If your little canine friend is itching to show off their swimming skills then Bonita Boat Rentals is a dog’s dream vacation. The boats are pet-friendly and a dog beach is just minutes away. They will also join you in spectating the magnificent dolphins that can be seen jumping right next to your boat!

Sometimes it is nice to do something different for a holiday, but not many businesses are open. Thankfully, Bonita Boat Rentals is open every single day of the year and is happy to add a soothing boat ride or a fun day of fishing to your festivities.