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The Best Fishing Spots on Estero Bay

Where are the best places to fish in Estero Bay? Certain spots in the Florida waters are widely known for providing beginning to advanced anglers with exceptional fishing trips. One such location is Estero Bay, which is the first aquatic preserve established in the State of Florida in 1966 as a way to protect the marine life teeming in the sparkling waters. If you are in search of the best places to fish in Estero Bay, the Bonita Boat Rentals team knows exactly where to go if you are looking for a great catch on your voyage.

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Discover Relaxing Waters… Leave the Busy Beaches Behind!

The crowded public beaches of Naples offer noisy children and a sea of umbrellas, but if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of a beach day then escape to the relaxing waters that surround the comforting community. Pontoon boats are a quiet and peaceful way to navigate through the scenic and calming waters where fishing and sunbathing on beaches are always an option — Bonita Boat Rentals is the perfect destination for such a journey.

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Estero Bay: A Place of Living History

Welcome to historic Estero Bay, Florida's first aquatic preserve dedicated in 1966. With lush vegetation and an active animal population, this are stretches over 15 square miles with a drainage basin of 293 miles. Estero Bay's subtropical climate, coupled with its numerous lagoons and bounty of various plant species, allow for it to be considered one of the most productive estuaries in the entire state.

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