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Best Spots for Dolphin Watching in Bonita Springs

Florida is the vaction destination that has a little something for everyone. Golf, fishing, beaches, and amusement parks can all be found here. We may not have amusement parks, but if you're looking to spend you vacay on the water you would be hard pressed to find a better spot than Bonita Springs and Southwest Florida. White sand beaches for sunbathing and sandcastles, clear ocean water at the perfect temperature, and fishing so great that we draw both human and dolphin visitors to our area.

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Boating and Fishing in Naples, Florida

Take a sightseeing cruise from Naples Bay up through the Estero Bay waterways. If you're looking for a relaxing way to sped some time on the water we have the perfect solution. Come see the native wildlife in its natural habitat and explore Naples Florida in a way most travelers miss out on. We guarantee your sightseeing cruise on the water will be a fun filled memorable experience for the entire family.

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Estero Bay: A Place of Living History

Welcome to historic Estero Bay, Florida's first aquatic preserve dedicated in 1966. With lush vegetation and an active animal population, this are stretches over 15 square miles with a drainage basin of 293 miles. Estero Bay's subtropical climate, coupled with its numerous lagoons and bounty of various plant species, allow for it to be considered one of the most productive estuaries in the entire state.

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