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Richard Mohlenhoff

Richard Mohlenhoff | Bonita Boat RentalsRichard Mohlenhoff (also affectionately known as "The Old Man" or "Big M") played a key role in starting Bonita Boat Rentals back in 1988. He was responsible for buying our first pontoon boats back in the old days. He is now retired from the business, but a lot of people still ask for him. It usually goes something like, "Where's the old man? He always gives me a deal." The "Big M" was Bonita Boat Rentals' main office worker for many years, a born salesman. For the past couple decades, he could be found slaving away at paper work. Of course by "slaving away" we mean leisurely drinking his coffee, and most of his "paper work" consisted of reading the New York Post. He is sorely missed.