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Florida Pompano

Florida Pompano | Bonita Boat Rentals

Florida Pompano

Trachinotus carolinus

  • Closed Season: None
  • Size Limit: Minimum 11" fork length
  • Bag Limit: 6 fish per person per day

A member of the jack family, the Florida Pompano puts up a fight nearly as fun as that of the Crevalle Jack. Much better tasting than its more common cousin however, pompano is a fine dining staple in Florida and a prized catch in Estero Bay. Find pompano near sandy shorelines, oyster bars, and seagrass beds as this fish prefers murky water conditions. Migration patterns send this pompano down to our waters come December or January, once water temperatures up north have gone below their favored 70-80 degrees. The pompano’s diet consists mostly of shrimp, sand fleas, and crab – so be sure to use those as bait when targeting this fish.