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Arius Felis

  • Unregulated Species

Perhaps the least desirable saltwater catch is the Hardhead Catfish. Though not considered officially poisonous, incorrect handling of this fish can result in serious injury. Their razor sharp spines and fins will slice through flesh and can even go through a sole of a tennis shoe with relative ease. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you handle catfish with extreme caution and never assume you can step on the fish to keep it still while you pull out its hook. We highly recommend cutting your line if you are inexperienced in handling this fish – after all, rigging up another line is much more preferable to spending a day in the ER with a catfish spine through your hand! While they are frustratingly easy to catch as compared to the more prize-worthy fish in the bay, catfish aren’t all bad. Use them as bait for tarpon or cobia and remember that to be a true angler is to show respect for all members of our beautiful ecosystem.