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Black Drum

Black Drum | Bonita Boat Rentals

Black Drum

Pogonias cromis

  • Closed Season: None
  • Size Limit: Slot 14" – 24" (may possess one over 24" included in bag limit)
  • Bag Limit: 5 fish per person per day

Very similar to the red drum and sheepshead, the black drum is the largest of the drum species. Like the red drum, its name is for the drumming noise they make when out of the water. Its main identifying characteristic is the barbels on its lower jaw that resemble a beard, used to detect prey while drifting along the bottom. Because it is a bottom dweller, you want to keep your bait on the bottom while targeting this fish. Shrimp or other cut bait are among the most commonly used bait for catching black drum and you’re most likely to find them hiding near dock pilings or in oyster beds. They can grow to be as large as 67 inches and can live to be over 35 years old! The largest catch ever recorded was 96 pounds and caught near Fernandina Beach.