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Southwest Florida Birds

There's more to a day out on the water on a pontoon boat from Bonita Boat Rentals than just lounging in the Florida sunshine while you whiz by lush mangroves, pausing only to gaze at dolphins playing or manatees feeding before continuing your journey on the open blue-green water ahead of you. Of course there are all of the things aforementioned along with a generous population of exotic as well as game fish to pique your interest, but there is also one attribute to the Estero Bay area which frequently goes unnoticed.

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Fishing in Bonita Springs, FL

You don't have to be a professional angler to have fun fishing in Estero Bay. Bonita Boat Rentals makes fishing easy by offering fishing pole rentals that come with fully socked tackle boxes and they sell live shrimp in bait buckets for you convenience. The staff at Bonita Boat Rental is knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to fishing licenses. The staff will tell you of the age requirements regarding possession of a fishing license (kids under 16 and seniors over 65 don't need one), and if so they will assist you in getting one online, provide you with a toll-free phone number to purchase one or locate the nearest local bait shop or convenience mart that offers them for sale.

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Christmas in Florida

Since you've already made a smart choice by staying in beautiful, sunny Southwest Florida this winter instead of staying captive as a prisoner with cabin fever from the heavy snow and sleet up north, why not make another smart choice and get away from all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season by renting a boat from Bonita Boat Rentals? Be the envy of everyone you know shoveling their driveways up north and send them a picture of yourself tanning on a boat in the Sunshine State!

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